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The Game  Of Church  FAITH...Church FUN...and Church FOLKS!!!

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"LET'S HAVE CHURCH!!!" ® is not your average Bible game.  Players enjoy 3 unique rounds of action packed play that's tons of fun for the whole family!  LOL at hilarious church trivia inspired by congregations across America!​ CLICK HERE to see a family playing the game!

Join host, Randy Myers, for the next level in Christian entertainment…The “LET’S HAVE CHURCH!!!” Live Radio Game Show. Call in with your best answer to hilarious church trivia to WIN real, & exciting prizes. CLICK HERE


​​Alright everybody…get a friend…grab a buddy, it’s time to taste a free sample of the Home Edition of the "LET’S HAVE CHURCH!!!” Game Show.  You have 77 seconds to guess if the saying is a Bible phrase…or a ‘Church Folk' cliché?   Heaven knows! How many can you guess correctly???